05 February 2008

New Plant List

Hi! Well, the weather in the Northeast certainly is spring-like, or close to it! It's 45 degrees today and rainy. We had thunder rolling across the farm this morning! It was so loud, I jumped out of bed and looked out the window to see what had happened. Then I realized what it was and the rain started to pour. We let the dogs out as usual in the morning, and they came in sopping wet. Thank goodness for the woodstove in the farmhouse, as it keeps us toasty warm and the dogs dried off quickly. We placed our seed order recently, and wanted to let you in on what to expect this season. I'll cover the annuals first. Ageratum Alyssum Angelonia Begonias; both fibrous and tuberous Browalia Celosia Cleome Coleus Dahlias Dianthus Diascia Dusty Miller Gazania Geranium Helichrysum Impatiens (both regular and double) Lobelia Marigolds (African and Dwarf) Nemesia Nicotiana Pansy Pentas Petunia (singles, doubles, spreading) Phlox (annual variety...very sweet and hardy) Portulaca Salvia Snapdragons Stock Verbena Viola Vinca (Periwinkle) Zinnia That should give you some idea as to what will be available. Of course, certain items will be available earlier than others and that is by no means a complete list. There are many different varieties of each plant as well as colors too numerous to mention. :-) I just love spring, and each year, I must change my mind a dozen times about what I'm going to plant around the farmhouse simply because I love it all! Finally, by June, my husband usually gives up on me making the decision and usually just starts planting the flowers himself. And you know what? He does a great job and I'm always happy with it!

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