28 April 2008

Perennials for 2008

Here is a short list of some perennials we are currently growing for sale at Running Creek Farm Greenhouses: Agastache Alcea Aquilegia Aruncus Buddleia Caryopteris Centaruea Centranthus Coreopsis Delphinium Dianthus Digitalis Echinacea Gaillardia Gypsophila Heuchera Lavendula Lupine Malva Monarda Oenothera Platycodon Rudbeckia Scabiosa Veronica Just to name a few. Stop in a visit us and if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask. Some crops will be ready earlier than others due to weather and seasonal demand. For example, Zinnias, an annual plant, are not typically ready for sale until at least the third week in May, sometimes later. They are more sensitive to cold and need to stay protected until all chance of frost is gone. We will be open for retail sales the beginning of May.

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