27 February 2010

Spring is Coming!

It's almost March 1st!  Feels like we just were celebrating the Holiday Season, doesn't it? 

Well, I have to apologize for not writing much....it has been a very crazy past year.  My niece was married last summer, my dad had surgery in the fall (he's fine), and trying to keep up with our daughter's activities has been insane.  Insane but well worth it!  She sings quite well and takes voice lessons.  She would someday like to be a professional singer and wants to attend the Julliard School of Music. She participates every summer in the local theater and now this year, she joined the acting troupe at school.  And here's the kicker....she joined the boys wrestling team at school and won her first match a few weeks ago...against a boy!  It took her two solid weeks of her begging me to let her join; I was a nervous wreck!  When she won her first match, I jumped up and down and screamed so loud that I think I not only embarrassed her, but everyone at the meet!  ;-)

Have to run now....need to get her up and going as she has a full day of rehearsal for the school play coming up soon.  Before I go, I want to tell you to be sure to grab your copy of the new March issue of the Columbia Insider, coming out soon.  Our friends  over at the Columbia Insider do a great job advertising for our wonderful community and they also have a fun contest where you can win some cash each month!  Go check it out and we'll see you soon!

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